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Chuhai contains shochu, which is a traditional Japanese spirit that has been distilled and made with rice, potatoes, or barley. They aren't to be grouped with high percentage alcoholic drinks, because they usually contain only a 7% alcohol level. Surprisingly, they are sold for about ?40 ( or slightly more ). This would be a little over $1.00 for a 16 ounce can!

Chu-hi is a very light alcoholic beverage made by such companies as Suntory, Kirin Brewery, Asahi Brewery, and TakaRa. They come in different flavors, and they also have different styles of can and name ( I.E. - TakaRa puts out the Sukish Can Chu-hi brand ). The flavors range from grapefruit, white peach, ume (plum), orange, lemon, apricot, grape, and lychee. There are some that are very sweet, mildly sweet, and very light on the sweetness. It depends on what brand you get.




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