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This is one of my favorite songs. I love all of their songs, really. But this one and Forever Love stand out with me quite a bit. They are beautiful songs, and they make me want to cry when I hear them. X-Japan is one of --if not THE-- most definitive bands in Japanese rock. Their music is simply art. Pure and VERY imaginative. I've certainly never heard anything like them before, not even in American music. X-Japan had 17 years of success and music making before deciding to split up. Not to mention, the very unfortunate suicide of hide, one of the band's two former guitarists, upset fans all around the world. Crucify My Love was one of X-Japan's most known songs, and therefore, one of the most popular. Although, when most hear the name X-Japan, they think of Forever Love. Anyway, I just love this song a lot. It's beautiful and very emotional, so I created a fanlisting for those who feel the same.



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