Dao Ming Si Information

Dao Ming Si is the leader of F4. His extremely bad temper, rabid insulting outbursts, his tendency to throw his status at people, and his witty, yet shocking remarks such as "do you want to die" and "if apologies worked, what do we need the police for" have everyone--including his teachers and fellow classmates--terrified of him. Dao Ming Si would sooner beat someone up than talk out a problem, no matter how trivial it may be. His parents have been living in New York for the past two years, and his older sister recently married, leaving Dao Ming Si alone in his mother's mansion.

Dao Ming Si knows that most of the people around him are not interested in him for who he is, but only his wealth and how they can use that to their advantage. He has an incredible will and die-hard pride that makes it very hard for him to express his feelings to anyone. He is an adolescent who is not afraid of authority, nor does he allow people to push him around. He has a very deep streak of jealousy, and can often read more into a situation than there really is. Dao Ming Si is close to his sister, but she finds herself scolding or beating the crap out of him for acting like a jackass. She is actually one of the only people that he is truly afraid of. Dao Ming Si also has the childish persona that is unlike someone of his age and upbringing, and even though many people tend to point this out to him, he never lets that persona slip. If you pay attention closely, he gets corrected a lot by his fellow F4 members because he doesn't word his sayings, puns, or metaphors correctly. ^_^