Jerry Yan Information


Stage Name: Yan Cheng Xu, Jerry
Real Name: Liao Yang Zhen
Nickname(s): Bao Long, Xiao Bai Tu
Nationality: Taiwanese
Birthday: 1st January 1977
Horoscope: Capricorn
Blood Type: B
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 72 kg
3 measurements: 38-30-36
Collection: All styles of sunglasses
Language: Chinese, Hokkien, Basic Japanese
Specialty: All types of ball games
Personality: Lively, Reacts fast, Take his work very seriously
Biggest Wish: To own an animal farm

Fav. Food: Everything
Fav. Drink: Water
Fav. Colour: Black
Fav. Part of Own Body: Fingers
Fav. Sport: Dancing, Basketball
Fav. Movie: Dancing in the Dark
Fav. Artist: Any one who is willing to learn
Fav. Musical Instrument: Piano
Fav. Music Style: Wide range
Fav. Country: Japan
Fav. Dressing: Casual and Natural
Desired Country: America
Most Ideal Living: A comfy home near Mother Nature
Most Unforgettable Experience: Teacher cried in front 
of him because of his poor exam results
Best Performing Item: Dance
Dislikes: Not being respected


Meteor Garden I
Meteor Garden II
Meteor Rain
Magic Kitchen
Come To My Place
Love Scar
Great Teacher a.k.a Happy Campus

TV Shows

Cover Story
ABCDEF4 Ti Shen Xie Zhen
Liu Xing Meng Huan Le Yuan


Fantasy 4ever ( F4 )
Meteor Rain ( F4 )
For You ( Solo )