After watching Meteor Garden so many times, I fell completely in love with the relationship that F4 had. I can't believe how CLOSE four guys can really be. They did absolutely everything they could together. They drank, danced, hung out, sang, drank, and drank together. They were always drinking. I thought that was the funniest part of their friendship, 70% of the scenes of F4 depicted them drinking some kind of alcohol. Hehe. I also couldn't get over how funny they were together when they were "drunk." They laughed so funny and made all these stupid little jokes and remarks. I loved it when Xi Men and Mei Zuo re-inacted Dao Ming Sz's and Shan Tsai's relationship. It was hilarious. I also like the fact that Lei knew his friends so well as to pay for their destructive fighting in bars. They knew he wasn't the fighting type, and he knew it, so he always paid for the damages. They're all just so adorable together, it was really hard for me to see them without one. (When Lei went to Japan, and when Dao Ming Sz went to New York, etc.) Plus, Dao Ming Sz is always beating the hell out of them because they make fun of his speech, his english, his attitude, and just him in general.

I can't get over the fact that no matter what happens to any of the members, they're not apart for long. When Lei was kicked out of the group, he was eventually let back in. I mean they are that tightly knit together as friends, it's literally impossible to break them up. Although, it more or less happened for quite some time in Meteor Garden II. I didn't like that. But as I wanted, it all worked out in that one, too. I do have to admitt that my favorite parts of their times together include the ones where they are drinking/drunk. They're just irresistably adorable and funny! I want some friends to go out and drink with! So if you are a fan of F4's relationship, join the listing!