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The moment I bought the book and started to read it, it was great. I loved it so much after I was done that I had to have the book on CD. Although it's abridged, ( I will be getting the un-abridged version shortly ), it's still a great thing to listen to. It gives an idea of what the characters sounded like and how they really were. This book is totally amazing, and of all the characters I liked, I just loved Hatsumomo.

Hatsumomo is one of the main characters in the Memoirs Of A Geisha story. Although I can't choose whom I like better between Sayuri and Hatsumomo, I kinda swing more towards the latter. ^_^

Hatsumomo was described as a woman of extreme beauty that could rival many other geisha. But the woman had what Sayuri called a "disease of character." Hatsumomo was indeed a wretched and spoiled rotten woman, she got 99.9% of what she wanted, and when she wanted it. She made Sayuri do some of the most terrible things, and walked all over anyone she could to get higher in the okiya where she lived. She also brought home the wages with which her home, the Nitta Okiya, survived on through half the story. Hatsumomo was the kind of woman that would take advantage of a situation and turn it into something that would shine the spotlight on either her ( for her benefit ), or on someone else ( at their expense ). She was one of the most popular geisha in the district of Kyoto. She was disgusted when Sayuri took her place in everything, popularity, leadership in the okiya -- she even got to have Hatsumomo's room! Eventually, her rival -- Mameha -- and Sayuri, put the poor woman into a fit of insanity towards the end of the story. She may have been evil and deserved quite a bit of whatever payback she had coming to her, but she's the kind of woman that all women love to hate. She got away with so many things for such a long time, she was definitely a brat geisha. ^_^