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Now this looks like a fanlisting for their never-really-picked-up-off-the-ground romance doesn't it? Well, for those of you who believe they should be together romantically, I can't blame you. ^_^ Although, this fanlisting was built solely with their friendship in mind. I am a complete Shan Tsai and Dao Ming Sz supporter, heh. I think that Lei and Shan Tsai just had that special understanding between two people that made their friendship so mysterious, yet so unbreakably strong. Lei understands Shan Tsai in a way she never understood herself, and vice versa. I just envy their friendship to no end, I watch Meteor Garden over and over with scenes of those two and just gawk. How could one friendship be so hard, simple, fun, and painful at the same time? I would sincerely love to have that kind of friendship with someone.

I think Lei and Shan Tsai's friendship is incredible, in that, they don't usually need words to explain what they want to say to each other. Because after they've finished speaking, and sometimes even before that, you can tell that they understand each other. In some ways I think Lei and Shan Tsai belong together romantically, but it would never work. He will always have Jing on his mind, and Shan Tsai will always have Dao Ming Sz on hers. Like on their first date, all she did was compare Lei's actions, words, or lack thereof to Dao Ming Sz.

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