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This adorable little kid is, in fact, Himura Kaoru and Himura Kenshin's son. You only get to see him in the Seisouhen movie where, unfortunately, Kenshin finally meets his maker. But, even though you don't get to see much of him, I couldn't help falling for Kenji's character. He not only looks like his adorable father, but he has the presence of his father as well. He wants to be better than his father, actually, but he uses different feelings and thoughts to achieve that goal. I found Kenji's character VERY interesting in the fact that Kenshin and Kaoru actually did have a son. I never thought that would happen, but when I found out it had, and saw Kenji for the first time, I was amazed at how he matched his father in almost every way. I just really think he's a cute and confused kid, hopefully Watsuki-sensei will make a series about him. *_*


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