Moon Hee Jun, former H.O.T leader, was picked second without an audition. Kang Ta recommended Moon Hee Jun, who performed outstandingly in every school dancing event, upon the inquiry from Lee Soo Man. Having both parents in the entertainment business, Hee Jun gladly accepted the offer and later became the group leader, being the oldest among 4 others. Hee Jun started composing at the same time as Kang Ta. His very first piece was "Spirit of Fighter," included in H.O.T 3 - Resurrection.

As an H.O.T member, Hee Jun showed tremendous progress as a dancer, a composer, and a singer. He and Jang Woo Hyuk choreographed nearly all the dance steps, not to mention the complexity of the routine. Just like Kang Ta, Hee Jun is also a soloist today. He composed every song on his album, Alone, and this album is like no other. Instead of focusing on love ballads, Hee Jun continues his hardcore music style to bring positive messages for our modern society.

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