Since i've just finished reading the 10th volume in the Peach Girl series, I am LOVING it so much. I HAD to create something related to it. I just adore Kiley, he's such a cutie. Ryo is pretty hot himself, but he's an asshole. I also can't stand Sae, she's adorable to look at, but I think her antics to break Momo and Kiley up are just not cool. I don't think she can do it, actually, I have all the faith in the world that Momo and Kiley will--and should--be a couple. Toji is a sweetheart, but damn, he's no match for Kiley. Although, Toji was Momo's first. I also can't say I blame him for being jealous over Kiley and so protective over Momo, I know Toji's intentions were good, but he fell right into Sae's trap, which isn't something a smart guy would do, knowing how Sae is already. He knew what kind of person Sae was, and he boffed up his chance with Momo. I think Kiley is better for her anyway, he makes her happy. Plus, they met at that beach so long ago for a reason! Haha! Anyway, *holds up a Momo and Kiley flag* I am all for this couple! :)

The series is getting REALLY good! If you haven't already, you should go check it out!