Mi Tao Nu Hai is a live-action Taiwanese drama that is based on the Japanese manga Peach Girl. This series aired in Taiwan and consisted of just 13, 1 hour long episodes. The name is derived from the Chinese translation of the manga title. It primarily follows the manga, but you'll see that there are some different things added and or taken out. Some of the characters don't look like they do in the manga, and their attitudes are somewhat different. The names are also very different. There's Xiao Tao (Momo), Sha Hui (Sae), Dong Si (Toji), Ah Li (Kairi), Lu Wu Lang (Goro), and A Cao Ji (Nurse Misao). There are a few characters in the series that aren't in the manga -- for instance, the 3G trio. They're the more humorous side of the show besides it's dramatic foreshadowing. This is basically as much info as I can provide at the moment. ^_^

The TV show itself basically follows the original plotline of the manga, as I mentioned before, with a few differences and or complete subject skips. The relationships are all the same, the love triangle is the same, but the characters are a little more childish than they seem to be in the manga. This kind of confuses me because the manga setting is in high school, and the TV series is set in think the maturity levels are switched, because Xiao Tao is kind of a baby. Hehe. All in all I enjoyed it, because you get to watch Ah Li and Dong Si beat the CRAP out of Lu Wu Lang. The dramatic music is also pretty good, it made me wonder what was gonna happen next whenever I heard it. As a side note, this school in Mi Tao Nu Hai is the same one they used for Meteor Garden, they just shot around the more extravagant parts of the school to make it look less like a "rich kids" learning facility. The bar where Xiao Tao works is also the same one they used for Meteor Garden when Shan Cai got a job at that beach bar restaraunt. Also, one of the 3Gs is actually Qing He from Meteor Garden as well.


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