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The morning Tulsa station 97.5 KMOD features Phil Stone and Brent Douglas as they pair up to act out the hilariously inventive Roy D. Mercer. They'll find subjects to prank call ( mostly because the subject's friend(s)/co-workers etc., referred Phil and Brent to them ) and pretend that it is a serious call until that subject realizes that it's all a big joke. It's not as bad as it sounds, most of the people that Phil and Brent call either laugh at themselves for being so gullible, and or congratulate Phil and Brent for fooling them so well. A lot of the people that are called will fall for it for quite a while into the call, until something is said or done on Roy's end of the line that gives the joke away. It's all really hilarous. Check it out.


Roy D. Mercer Official Site
KMOD's Official Site


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