S.M. Entertainment has been around for many years. They have quite a lot of VERY awesome entertainers on their label, and they are the only one I know that gets together to do special recordings together. The SM Town Christmas and summer albums are a couple examples. I have never seen that in American music, which is why I have a love for S.M. Entertainment's way of producing music. They have a very different way of doing things, and I absolutely adore 90% of the artists on that label.

They have artists such as Kang Ta, S.e.S., FinKL, Shinhwa, S, Dana, Fly To The Sky, H.O.T. and the brand new and VERY talented Dong Bong Shin Gi. This label is SO cool, that if you like Korean music, and you have never heard of it, you are REALLY missing out on some incredible music!

Official website: S.M. Entertainment