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So you want to learn more about Se7en than just the typical stats? Well you've come to the right page! Here you can find his biography and a lot of other various information.


Through 4 years of hard-training, Se7en is a multi-talented R&B artist and currently the most popular male solo artist in Korea. His outstanding vocal abilities, and of course his good looks, charismatic stage manners, and smooth choreography are needless to say of a professional level. Currently, he is the advertisement model for many TV commercials of major companies including Samsung, LG, Coca Cola, Lotte. In 2003, Se7en released his first album ‘Just Listen’ which swept away “the Best New Artist’s Award” in all of the award ceremonies. Se7en’s second album, which kicked off with a flamboyant showcase on July 7 2004 at 7:07 pm past 7 seconds reassured Se7en's position as the number one artist in Korea. With many fans in Korea, Se7en is YG’s first singer to enter into the foreign markets. In 2005, February 23rd, he released his debut single album ‘Hikari’ in Japan and has started his entertainment activities in Japan as an artist.

Se7en’s showcase marking his first single release, gathered 4,000 Japanese fans which anticipated his success in Japan.Se7en’s popularity soared with his second single ‘Style’ released in May, ranking no. 9 in the Oricon singles chart. Following his successful second single, Se7en held a nationwide promotion tour in 7 major cities that included Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Sapporo, Sendai. Over a 4,000 crowd of fans gathered to see Se7en perform at his first concert held in Tokyo NK Bay Hall.

Se7en has gained enormous popularity in Thailand as well.

In 2003, during Se7en’s short 5 day promo tour, his album sold sixty thousand copies. Se7en continues his success in 2005, with his 2nd album released in April, already selling forty thousand copies. Not only that, Se7en received the “Asian Sensation Award” for Channel V Music Video Award for his outstanding works, most acclaimed singing and performing skills, and also for proving himself to become the most influential idol to teens of Asia.

It is the year 2007, and Se7en has released a total of 4 Korean albums, a Japanese album, and an upcoming album to be released in America. He has become very successful releasing a variety of products and performing a number of tours for his fans, the most recent one being his 747 tour which promoted his 4th album, Se7olution. He has also starred in his first drama, Goong S which is the first step to, what's sure, a great acting career. With his charming voice,good looks, and extreme talent there is no doubt even more success for this wonderful singer in the future.